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Revamp Your Beauty Routine with Ms. Luxe Cosmetics' 2024 Makeup Line-up

As the new year has just started lets jump into seeing what Ms. Luxe Cosmetics will be doing this year!

With the new year comes new challenges and tasks. For us here at Ms. Luxe Cosmetics it is about growing our business. We want to grow the product line and with that grow as a business as well. We love and appreciate all the support and we are looking forward to a wonderful 2024 with y'all.

New Products

Now I don't want to spoil all the products we will be releasing this year. But it's so hard to not give it away so here is a sneak peak; facial hair. What could this mean? Who knows, but you will find out this year as we expand our line this year to be made for everybody.

At Ms. Luxe Cosmetics we feel that a makeup brand shouldn't just be marketed just to the women demographic and that everyone should be able to enjoy. We want to expand the inclusivity seen here and we plan to do so this coming year. Cosmetics are not one size fits all and going forward I think that is a message we will be repeating plenty of times. We will have more options, more this and more that, to fit everybody!

Behind The Scenes

Now that we have went through some of the fun part there will be a lot of behind the scene stuff going on that you will probably never see or notice, such as website development, SEO and more so that we are able to grow the business into something even bigger and better. But we will also have some fun stuff like product photography, photoshoots and more that will be front and centre on our website and socials to be able to engage our audience.

With the help of all of you over the last 6 years I am so happy to be moving forward with MORE products and MORE fun and I want to thank everyone for their support over the last 6 years, as January 8th is our 6th birthday we will be celebrating with a giveaway on Instagram, featuring our entire product line. Follow on Instagram to get ready to enter!

Make sure to check back here on the first of every month for a new blog post on updates on Ms. Luxe Cosmetics

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