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Holiday Gift Guide: For Makeup Lovers

The holiday season is back again and I'm going to help you get some brownie points with your makeup lover friends and family to make it look like you know what you're talking about and give the best gifts of the season.

Now first and foremost you should definitely buy your gifts from Ms. Luxe Cosmetics but other than that here is a list of some top notch products to empress the makeup lovers closest to you!

Now I want to be frank while making this post. These are some of my all time favourite products that I can't get enough of however everyone is different and it might not work for you skin the same way it works for mine. That doesn't mean they aren't 100% worth a try and they will impress your loved ones.

Under $25

Now for our first few products we are jumping straight into is something that has nothing to do with makeup, but all to do with beauty. The beauty industry is a wide net and for the most part if your friend loves makeup they'll love all things beauty too. Which is why we are starting with...

Sephora Collection

Silicon Scalp Massager

Now for me this is a must have. A scalp massager probably seems like a weird gift but it's the gift that keeps giving. Not only does this feel incredible but it's also amazing for your hair by exfoliating the scalp and removing all the dead skin/ build-up. But this does so much more if you use this every time you wash your hair. Your hair will never feel as clean as it does when you use this. Also rumour has it it helps promote hair growth.

Sephora Collection

Facial Razor Set

Many of you might be questioning why I would put a razer set on here but trust me... These razors are made with your face in mind, they are meant to shape your brows, get rid of the moustache or shave all the peach fuzz off your face, which is what I do. There is just something so satisfying about putting on your makeup on a smooth surface. Plus it can help with exfoliating your skin, but be careful it is a razor! P.S your hair wont grow back thicker and darker, just a myth!

Under $50

Moving up to our under $50 range we are changing pace and jumping into actual makeup products. Looking for makeup products less than $50 can be a tough feat but we are right in the sweet spot at this price range.


Continuous Setting Mist

This setting spray will keep your makeup looking fresh all day long plus it's great for multiple purposes. Yes, it will hold your makeup on all day but you can also use it to enhance any highlights or metallic shadows. Just give a spray on your brush of choice and dip into the shadow and the colour will appear much more vibrant! It's an all in one product that you can use in so many different ways, there is no limit what you can do with a little extra setting spray.

Beauty Blender

Original beautyblender Makeup Sponge

This is the true holy grail of the makeup world. I'm sure if you aren't into makeup you have still probably heard about it. Now this is the best way to apply foundation, and almost all liquid/cream base products. We all love a good brush but the flawless finish you get from this sponge is A+, use the sponge wet and the makeup will melt right into your skin - a must have for all makeup lovers.

Tower 28 Beauty

SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray

Switching gears here we have a skincare product. This is an all in one facial spray & it seems to just be a one size fits all, however it's tagged as a toner that is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Perfect for breakouts or acne. I personally love this product as a toner but I also feel it helps create a moisture barrier locking in all your skins moisture!

Over $50

Now here we are splurging! I only have one product to add for this price point because honestly makeup is expensive but it doesn't have to be super high end for it to be a good product. You can always find some good products in the mid price range. Which is why I chose a gift set for the over $50 range.

First Aid Beauty

Full Face Routine Holiday Gift Set

This is my personal skin savior. Winter can be so harsh on your skin and this set of products from First Aid Beauty is a perfect skincare set to get your started. Included is every step you will need to to keep your skin in top shape moving forward with a cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream and exfoliating pads. I use all these products every single day and my skin has never looked better! Highly recommend.

That's all!

Now that you might have a bit of a better idea of what to gift all the makeup lovers in your family, you can now show them your skills and regurgitate the little bios I wrote so you can once again pretend to know what you're talking about. I'm rooting for the award of best gift giver to be given to you. Happy holidays and let me know what you decided to buy for your friends and family!

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