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How to - Lip Scrub

By now everyone has probably heard of lip scrubs, even us, Ms. Luxe Cosmetics makes a sugar lip scrub. But what is a sugar scrub? What is a lip scrub? Let me explain what it is and how to use.

First off all, all sugar scrubs aren’t all lip scrubs and all lip scrubs aren't always sugar scrubs. They are made from slightly different ingredients and aren’t all safe for your lips! Keep that in mind when shopping for lip scrubs. Not all lip scrubs are made equally! Now let’s get down to what a lip scrub is and what’s it used for.

A lip scrub is an exfoliator made specifically for your lips, meaning it helps remove dead skin cells. Different lip scrubs have different purposes, some are solely meant to remove dead skin cells while others have hydrating properties to them as well. There are many different types of lip scrubs, most commonly being sugar scrubs but we have also seen a growing number of other types of lip scrubs like coffee, rose and even walnut lip scrubs. Although the most tried and true method is a good ole sugar scrub!

Now what is the point of a lip scrub? Does it just add another step in your skincare and makeup routine? Well yes, but also no. It is definitely adding another step into your routine but for good reason. While removing dead skin cells, it exfoliates and will help with your constant chapped lips. Also having exfoliated lips will help absorb your lip balm and help your other lip products go on more smoothly. This is a step people most often use in the winter however it's great for year round lip care.

How to use it is the next common question. It's quite simple actually! Sugar scrubs typically come in small jars and all you have to do is dig in the jar, with your finger, nail or perhaps the back of a spoon and get a pea sized amount out. You don't want to get too much out or it'll just fall right off your lips. Now once you have your pea sized amount you are going to want to gently yet firmly massage the scrub into your lips in small circular motions. Once you feel like you have evenly went over everywhere on your lips it's time to rinse! Lots of people say to just use a tissue but personally I like rinsing it off with a warm damp cloth.

Then voila, you know have rejuvenated lips all under a minute! This isn't something you need to do everyday, just 1-2 times a week is great to start out. If you have very dry and chapped lips you can do it 3-4 times a week but you do not have to do it everyday! But do make sure to use lip balm everyday, multiple times a day if you can to keep you lips in good shape!

Now like I said at the beginning, Ms. Luxe Cosmetics does make a sugar lip scrub. We use all natural ingredients that are good enough to eat.. and you can with our 100% natural formula! We would love for you to give it a try!

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- Skyler Graham (Owner)

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