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How to care for your brows

Every year the eyebrows trends change, from super thin 90s brows and now bushy brows are all in! However one thing wont change, the need to care for your brows. A lot of people overlook this step but trust me, as much as you want a skincare routine, you're going to need a brow routine too, and it's pretty easy!

before and after brow care comparison

Now the ways you will need to care for your brows depend on if they are au natural, or if you have a chemical process like brow lamination, or even permanent makeup such as microblading or powder brows.

I'm going to be discussing all the ways to properly take care of your brows and give them their oomph back.

Natural Brows -----

Natural brows are the easiest to care for, they have no chemicals, no permeant makeup and this is where I feel the majority of my audience falls. To be clear when I say natural brows, I don't mean you can't get them trimmed or waxed, that's just a way to groom them. I just mean the natural state of your brow, no chemicals no nothing.

Since this is the easy way to care for your brows, most serums on the market should somewhat work for you. Of course everyone is a little different but applying a serum on the daily should be just what you need to bring some life back into your brows. Personally I would recommend a natural oil based product when starting out. You don't want to go all in with heavy chemicals right away, when a natural based product might just be the push you need. Of course down the line if you notice a natural oil bases product isn't giving you the oomph you need, then I would recommend a peptide based product. Peptides are amino acids like proteins. we are still in the natural sphere but I would always recommend trying out a natural product before you jump into unknown chemicals on your brows, especially if your brows are already chemical free!

Chemically processed brows -----

Chemically processed brows have a very similar care routine as natural brows. Even in most cases after getting services such as brow lamination, the brow technician will give you a goodie bag of a serum and everything you need to care for your brows including spoolies. This tends to typically be a natural oiled based product with castor oil, argon oil, jojoba oil and many more. After chemically processing any type of hair, especially hair as fine as brows, you are going to need to put some TLC back into your routine. Brow technicians will sometimes have an option to buy a serum straight from the supplier of the brow lamination kits. These will be called something along the lines of a regenerating cream and they work in the same way serums do.

Permanent brows -----

Permanent brows such as microblading, powder brows and nano brows are the art of tattooing an enhanced brow style on top of your brows. In some cases there are no natural hairs in that area, however, most of the time these techniques are used to enhance the brows they already have.

Since this product is a tattoo the way you care for it is different. First and foremost, listen to your brow technician and listen to what they tell you to do. I am not a permeant makeup artist. You will definitely need some aftercare as you are having needles cut into your brows over and over again. I have heard of "Brow Immortelle" as a serum that many recommend, however, like I said, I am not a PMUA and you should listen to your technician. I can't give anymore advice since this is not my area of expertise, but always make sure you know what your aftercare steps are.

Benefits of caring for brows -----

Caring for your brows have more benefits then just healthier, stronger brows. If you care for your brows correctly you can actually speed up the growing process, and moisturize your brows. Now brow serums are never going to make new hair follicles, if there is no hair there a brow serum can't make it reappear, it's not magic. However it strengthens the bond, prevents new hairs from falling out and create a bolder, fuller looks. Giving you the brow look you've always wanted!

How to Apply -----

Now that you know all the types of serums you may need based on the state of your brows and how they can help your eyebrows flourish, I'm going to talk about the best way to apply these products.

These are a few easy steps that will have your brows moisturized in no time. Firstly there are different types of applicators, like a lash wand, lip brush, or even a fine tip brush, but the idea is you are going to want to get a small amount on whatever applicator you're using and start to brush your lashes upwards and slightly to the side, following the natural growth of your brows. After your application, you are going to want to brush through them with a spoolie and put them right where they belong. That's it! twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bed, and trust me, your brows will look brand new! It will take a while to see the full results of the serums but the estimated time for most serums is 8-12 weeks!

So... now what? -----

Now knowing all this, is this going to change the way you care for your brows? Do you already have a brow routine or is this your first step? I would love to know your thoughts about all things eyebrow.

Also, Ms. Luxe Cosmetics makes a Brow Care Kit for all your brow care needs. Check it out and see if its the right fit for your brow needs. We have a 100% natural formula that works wonders!

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