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Top 5 Red Lipsticks For Any Skin tone

As Valentine's Day is approaching everyone is looking for the perfect red lip to complete their outfit. Well, here I got the top 5 different lip products that will perfect your look at all different price points!

girl with red lipgloss

With 5 categories to cover, we will talk about all different types of lip products from a classic lipstick all the way to a lip gloss and everything between. There will be a little something for everyone!

Classic - MAC "Ruby Woo"

mac cosmetics ruby woo lipstick

Starting off with the most classic MAC lipstick colour. If you were around in the beauty community in 2016ish you will know this lippie. Every influencer at that time not only recommended this whole line of lipsticks but this colour was known to be the perfect red for everybody.

New Fav - Ms. Luxe Cosmetics "Red Hot"

ms luxe cosmetics lip gloss in red hot

Bringing it to my own brand. Of course I think this product is amazing HOWEVER this lip gloss has such a buttery comfortable finish you will forget you're wearing a gloss. The colour payoff is incredible and you will be reaching for "Red Hot" whenever you need a perfect red lip.

Tried and True Fenty Beauty "Uncensored"

fenty beauty lip paint in uncensored

Fenty Beauty is a newer brand but have very quickly made their way into everyone's hearts. Personally this was the first product I tried from Fenty and it blew me away. It was like a gloss but it dried down into almost a matte finish. This lippie changed the game.

Drugstore ELF Cosmetics "Own It"

eld cosmetics lipstick in own it

Going to a more affordable brand you just can't beat ELF products for their price point. ELF is highly regarded as one of the best drugstore brands and this lipstick proves why. This lipstick even has a magnetic closed lid which may seem silly to mention but like I said you cannot get a better bang for your buck than with ELF.

High end YSL "Rouge Muse"

ysl lipstick in rouge muse

On the other price end of the spectrum we have a YSL lipstick. This is definitely a luxury item if you're willing to splurge. This formular is known to be super long lasting and comfortable on the lips. The colour payoff with have you realizing why it has such a high price point!

With all that being said and done now you have 5 well thought out options to up not only up your lipstick games but to up your whole outfit game! Valentine's Day will never been the same after you find your perfect red lip! Check out our "Red Hot" gloss below and have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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