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Ms. Luxe Cosmetics is a Canadian brand, specializing in vegan and cruelty free makeup products without compromising quality. We have strived to put the best products forward while hand-making most products in house. Many products you will see on the Ms. Luxe homepage were made by our owner. 

​While Ms. Luxe Cosmetics was officially established in 2018, the idea came long before, and since being in business we have been dedicated to putting out high quality products while still remaining affordable and staying true to our vegan and cruelty free roots.

We want to have an impact in our customers everyday life to give them that extra boost of confidence we are all in need of. Whether you wear makeup daily, once in a while or just for fun we hope you can integrate Ms. Luxe Cosmetics in your routine to help you feel that extra confidence to rule the day. 


Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards  - PAYPAL - Apple Pay

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